51-year-old Reginald Hayes, AKA “Chakra Khan,” has made waves after his double life was exposed. He’s been a pastor at the Holy Ark Pentecostal church in Newark for over 14 years, while also becoming a leading figure of Harlem’s Pan-African community. The two scenes are opposed in more ways than one, specifically in spiritual belief.

But somehow Hayes has become a success in both realms while simply inverting his fiery doctrines depending on the audience. Since a video of him berating a christian group on the street – who it turns out his church has partnered with before – went viral, he’s been caught in between two worlds who both want answers for the thousands of dollars they’ve paid him. We caught up with him at his sovereign paper stand – where he sells documents that he claims give you criminal immunity:

So your “Jesus is the devil” video went viral, and it had a lot of angry members of your Newark congregation in the YouTube comments.What do you have to say to them?

Well, I’m all about Black Liberation. By any means. Martin had a dream.

What does that have to do with what I asked?

I have nothing to say to them but what I always do: seek solace in Christ, and practice forgiveness because the rapture is coming, and it will be tyrannical. Buy my latest book all about this. (*waves Cross*)

And what do you then say to your followers in Harlem and on YouTube who know you as an outspoken Egyptologist and critic of Christianity?

(*maneuvers Cross, pulls on sides of top bar to make it an Ankh*)  Seek solace in the sun, and practice carnal yoga. Open your third eye because it’s finna’ go down with Trump in office. The government is gonna collapse, and it will be tyrannical. Buy my latest book all about this.


Is that a convertible Cross and Ankh?

Yes, I had it made just in case I run into two different followers in a short span. You don’t believe in me, do you?

I’m not sure what to believe. You sell two completely opposing doctrines in two different states to people who are looking for salvation. It seems spiritually disingenuous.

That’s a shortsighted way to look at it.

But it is a way to look at it. During the video in Harlem you said, “I had one lost coon tell me ‘forgiveness is the virtue of Christ embodied.’” It turns out that line is the actual closing statement of your church sermons. You in effect called yourself a lost coon. What do you have to say to that? What is the truth?

Look, all I know is the end is coming. And you need to be prepared. Whether it’s Jesus’ law or Martial law…something is coming. And you need my wisdom to get you ready for it. Buy into me, to buy into free.