On August 29th, burgeoning rapper Young Trap Feast put
on a show for fans at Brooklyn’s Silent Barn concert venue. Also in
Oakland, California. And in Takoma, Washington. How can he be in
three places at once? By being three people.

22-year-old Atlanta triplets Laron, Davon, and Caron Campbell are all rhyming
under the name Young Trap Feast, a visionary—if not bizarre—feat.
The three brothers grew up rhyming together, starting a group called
Charm Bruvas. Eventually, Davon developed a plan to put their talents

“Everybody sound the same anyway. So why not just be the same
person literally?,” Laron surmises. “I could run the city as a group, but I could run the whole
country if I was three people.” The brothers refer to Young Trap
Feast in the first person—even when together.

Young Trap Feast was born after the brothers assumed the name
because “I’m eatin’,” according to Caron. They began to flood the
local showcase circuit, often doing two shows at once.

“I used to battle n*ggas, and crush like the whole building. But
they never knew I was three n*ggas,” Laron recalls. “One of me
would be like, hol’ up we bout to go run to the bathroom, then
another one of me would take over. I would rhyme for hours, people
was scared of me.”

Fans didn’t realize Young Trap Feast was multiple people until a
night in late April when two Twitter users realized they were both
filming Young Trap Feast in different venues with different

By that time, they had made a niche in Atlanta with their Thrice
The Nigga (T.T.N.) m
ixtape series, a subtle hint at their true identities. Upon the release of
T.T.N 3 (a 45-track project) the week before, Complex
Magazine called Young Trap Feast “one of the most prolific,
versatile artists in recent memory.”

The boy’s collaboration with
Gucci Mane ”Everywhere At Once” was released with a
creative video in which Young Trap Feast rhymed in a room full of
digitally super-imposed Guccis—who fought off cloning rumors upon
release from prison. Young Trap Feast also had a scene where he was
in London, Atlanta, and L.A. at the same time,  holding up watches to
the camera to display the same world time.

The boys combined Davon’s singing
ability, Laron’s production skills, and Caron’s deft lyricism into a
symbiotic experience that represents the best of modern music. They
rarely perform in the same venue or studio, usually attacking
different parts of the country on the same night.

Their core fanbase seems to care
less about Young Trap Feast being three people, though many hip-hop
purists were appalled. Hip-Hop legend DJ Premier called them
“phonies” that were “everything wrong with hip-hop.”

The brothers are unfazed by the
criticism. “What if Kanye West was twins? That would explain a
lot,” Davon says. “Niggas just salty they can’t outdo me.”

“Or me,” Laron says.

“Or me.” Caron follows up.

The brothers are in negotiations
with Epic Records, trying to figure out how to formulate a contract
for three people performing as one artist.