James Simmons is in jail after filming himself vandalizing a car with
a baseball bat, and his community is calling foul – on the police.
Simmons’ friends and family believe the Detroit man was “targeted”
not because of his crime, but because of his penchant for smiling in

“What about Conor McGregor?,” asked James Pinkney, the man’s cousin. “That white boy tore up all that property in Brooklyn. But as soon as a Black man is happy and wants to destroy someone’s property, them crackers wanna break him. If I was his lawyer that would be my defense.”

was arrested after recording himself breaking the windows of a car he
thought belonged to “a n—a who was lookin’ at my b***h,” as he
said on the 13-minute Instagram Live session. The car actually
belonged to the unnamed man’s next door neighbor, who pressed charges
on Simmons. The 23-year-old lawyer has said that he will plead guilty
in exchange for probation and anger management classes, but his
family is calling foul.

the other day he posted that he was thinking about going to community
college. And then this happens. Hmm,” Pinkney loudly vocalized
while sitting at her computer, making the statement into a meme.