Entertainer Shad Moss, aka Bow Wow frequently finds himself in precarious situations. The most recent incident in his topsy-turvy career is an alleged fight on the set of the Iyanla, Fix My Life TV show.

A source close to Bow Wow says on a special 6-part episode entitled, Iyanla, Fix My Bark, the 29-year-old former child star nearly fought therapists Iyanla Vanzant’s son and eventually stormed off the set. The source says that Bow Wow “came on the show hoping to get legitimate treatment for what he’s going through, but had to wear a collar and fetch fortune cookies instead.”

The source contends that Bow Wow told her, “I came to the show because I have a lot of pain I’m trying to resolve and I hope you can help me. Can you? Iyanla hugged him and told him she would do ‘everything in her power,’ before her smile evaporated and she started screaming at him to ‘wake up!’ That 180 threw us all off,” the source recalls.

“Bow legitimately opened up to her about his depression, which he never has to anyone,” the source says. “Her response was to lay doggie treats – with his exes names written on them – across the house and tell him to crawl to each one until he ‘finds himself at the end.’”

Bow Wow initially got down on all fours, but when Iyanla started asking him to pant and roll over, things spiraled out of control.

He got up and screamed at her and the show’s producers. He allegedly told her that he was worth “$150 million” and she demonstratively screamed, “NO. YOU’RE. NOT” which enraged Bow Wow even more. He began to throw the dog treats at Vanzant and her staff.

Iyanla’s son, who does security on the set, eventually walked up to him and started meowing. At that point, the source says that “instead of winding up in jail for throwing Milk-Bones, Bow just left” the Atlanta mansion where the show was being filmed.

As he was leaving, Iyanla allegedly screamed, “you are a Maltese in the pocket of pain!”

It’s unknown if the unfinished episode will air, but the source says Bow Wow won’t be returning to finish it. “I don’t understand what crawling across the floor has to do with trying to heal,” he says.