Singer Kehlani, possibly praying for Twitter user’s sympathy

UPDATE: User unblocks one user after
text conversation

Twitter user Adrian Boneher sent shockwaves through social media when he tweeted, “I have no
sympathy for Kehlani or anyone who attempts suicide.” The tweet,
which received 4 retweets and 5 likes, was made in response to the
Oakland singer’s suicide attempt earlier this week.

When questioned for comment about the
twitter user’s opinion, Kehlani’s manager said, “who?” James
Hander, president of the National Suicide Prevention Organization,
declined to comment when asked if he thought Mr. Boneher’s opinion
would affect the worldwide stigma against suicide.

Not only did the twitter user make his
controversial remarks about suicide, he also blocked two twitter
users who disagreed with his statement. After a brief debate about
suicide, which Boneher noted as “the coward’s way out,” he
tweeted, “had to Block 2 people SMH.” The tweet received no
interaction. It’s unclear if the tweet was ignored because the social
mediasphere was mourning for two people who were no longer privvy to
his timeline, or because no one cared.

Boneher’s comment was one of 850,029
tweets about the singer, who left basketball star Kyrie Irving for
her ex, singer PartyNextDoor. After a huge social media backlash,
Kehlani posted a picture in a hospital bed, noting that the reaction
made her want to end her life.

Many comments about Kehlani, such as
singer Chris Brown’s and journalist Shaun King’s, have been widely
discussed, but Boneher’s comments haven’t seemed to affect public
opinion, despite his best efforts. When contacted for comment, the
two users Boneher blocked didn’t seem to realize they were blocked,
with one user calling Boneher a “nobody.”

Both users laughed when asked if they
had considered grief counseling after being blocked, with one noting
they were “grieving Boneher’s f**ked up hairline.”