A Brooklyn man is suing a Flatbush barbershop for intentionally “playing him” and “f*cking up his lineup” after a heated debate about Carmelo Anthony.

28-year-old Greg Jackson says that after he contended that Denver Nuggets All-Star Nikola Jokic was “more of a dog” than NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony because of a “higher Win Share,” his barber intentionally gave him a bad haircut. Jackson alleged in his filing that barber Alonzo Pope told him to “go to Bensonhurst with that Zach Lowe bullsh*t,” then told him “now your hairline is an L, share that with (Jokic),” after intentionally “ruining” his shape-up.

During his first court appearance, Jackson showed photos of a “Crispy Greg” tattoo covering his back, and went on a lengthy diatribe to Brooklyn Judge Robin Garson about how he’s always had “that crispy Joe Johnson lineup” since a child. Jackson, who says he’s been “made to grieve,” told Judge Garson that he’s suffered “immense emotional distress and ‘left on reads’” since cutting his hair bald.