“Angela went out and spoke on our own, but we have to be more measured,” one of Charlamagne’s media friends – and self-proclaimed feminist – said under the condition of anonymity. “We heard the allegations and would hate to be in the young woman’s spot, but we just have to wait it out. Cause you know Charlamagne is a POS.”
When asked if she was calling him a “piece of s**t,” she clarified that the phrase stands for “Powerful Opportunity Slinger.”

The media personality contends that her and her mostly Black woman journalist contingent have bickered about plans to come out in a united front on rape allegations against Charlamagne, because “justice feels good, but power feels better.”

She notes that they even attended a session with Ms. Cleo Jr. (who is unrelated to the famed psychic), but some questioned her credibility when she refused to “read” the situation and simply told the women that their only time to step up was now, as Charlamagne would only become more powerful without accountability.

A South Carolina woman recently came out and alleged that the popular Breakfast Club host and author drugging and raping her when she was 15. Audio recently resurfaced of the media personality admitting to dosing another woman’s drink with the “Spanish Fly” intoxicant against her will in efforts to have sex with her. Though justice was swift for figures like Bill Cosby and other men who have faced similar allegations, there has been a notable reticence to condemn Charlamagne with the same no-questions-asked fervor.

It could be due to the power he wields as a prominent figure who has access to TV producers and other powerful figures.

The journalists believe the 15-year-old’s account, but also note, “I mean if she can wait 16 years to come out can she wait for 16 more. We got you sis, but we gotta get ours first.”