Black liberation movements like Black Lives Matter and others are
fighting to eliminate systemic oppression they believe is sustained
by white privilege, but apparently NBA legend Charles Barkley thinks
they’re fighting for nothing.

In a recent CNN panel on race, Barkley noted, “I don’t believe
in white privilege, cause see, I think, the thing is, cause see, I
don’t really believe in white privilege, because you have to
understand, the thing is, when you talk about white privilege, I
don’t believe in it, cause see…if white people had a privilege then
why do I have more money than some white people?”

After a long pause, panel host Don Lemon then challenged Barkley’s assertion by asking
what he would say to detractors who believe “one person’s wealth
doesn’t offset the oppression of an entire race of people.”

Barkley replied “The thing is, I feel like, cause see…when you
talk about oppression, I think, it don’t not matter, but that’s
something that Black people need to talk with their doctors about.”

Puzzled, Lemon asked Barkley if he was referring to the stress of
poverty leading to heart disease and other ailments in people of

Barkley then surmised, “yeah if you’re oppressed, you need to
see a therapist, or see someone who, you know, can help you.”

After panelist Ann Coulter asked what a therapist has to do with
“getting off your butt and getting a job,” Barkley noted, “all
Black people aren’t oppressed. But the ones who aren’t, who, cause
see, the ones who do be takin’ their medicine still can’t get a fair
shot. Delonte West came out and said he was oppressed and he still
can’t find a job. There’s a stigmata out there.”

Lemon then read about former NBA player Delonte West, who
announced he was suffering from depression
in 2015.

Barkley interrupted Lemon and laughed for 30 seconds. After being
asked what he found humorous about West losing his career, Barkley
responded “depression!?! The whole time I thought y’all was
askin’ me about being sad! What do oppression mean?”

After another long pause, Lemon admonished Barkley for being on a
panel about racism and not knowing what the term oppression mean, to
which Barkley replied, “for 20 years of my life the only words I
ever knew was ‘score,’ ‘rebound,’ and ‘open tab.’ This race stuff is
new to me. I don’t know why y’all asking me these questions, but I’ll keep guessing while the check is comin’ in.”