Detroit Rapper Royce Da 5’9’s son Ronald is 11 – and he’s already 190 pounds, at a “crisis point” according to his doctor. But his lyricist father isn’t worried, even if the child is cruelly called “Royce 500” at school. Why does Royce enjoy his son’s creep to morbid obesity?

“He says I look like Bizarre. Everyday he asks, ‘do you know who Bizarre is? He’s one of Em’s best friends, as if I forgot. Then he tells a Bizarre story. I know more about Bizarre than Bizarre,” Billy postulates. “Once, I was looking at my belly in the bathroom mirror and I saw him peaking through the door getting teary eyed. I want to lose weight but I think he’s proud that I look like his friend Eminem’s friend.”

Billy says he enjoys “some” of Eminem’s music (that he hears on a daily basis,) but his real friends are M&M candies, which his father eats religiously and has forcefed Billy since he was a child.

“I guess since the candy is called Eminem, he thinks it’s a tribute,” Billy says while eating M&Ms. “I like them, but he goes to then next level with it. There are dinners where he’ll put it on my plate as a side, and my mom asks him what he’s doing. Then he’ll get mad and say ‘cranberry sauce is sweet, but we can’t eat M&M’s with a pot roast?’”

Royce’s Eminem-influenced parenting is matched by LA rapper – and former Slaughterhouse member – Kxng Crooked AKA Crooked I. Crooked’s 5-year-old daughter Mars**tal says that Crooked – a staunch advocate of lyricism on Twitter – sings her Eminem’s “Haile’s Song” every night before bed. That sweet gesture is tempered by the fact that he wanted Mars**tal’s first word to be “f—-t,” and would play Eminem saying it on a loop.

When questioned about it, Crooked defends Eminem’s usage of the word and says it’s actually a “pro-gay phrase” that Eminem uses to “turn a slur into a normalized, empowered term.” Crooked adds that, “he can’t say the N-word publicly, so he decided to look out for the gays and make the F-word worldwide. He performed with Elton John once! He’s not homophobic, he’s homo-heroic. Y’all really don’t understand the white boy’s brilliance.”