“Yeah, Chris was in the hood. For real,” says a 20-year-old who wants to remain anonymous.
“With the shooters. Yep.” He then walked away, finishing his
bacon sandwich.

Chris Brown’s day in Compton started at 11AM with a trip to a local restaurant. He excitedly
snapchatted himself “at a restaurant table n*ggas never could sit
at,” but grew frustrated when the staff told him they had no ketchup for his home fries.

After eating, he stood at a bus stop with his entourage, where he filmed himself standing idly.
When a 16-year-old asked the Virginia singer if he could give him a
ride to school in a Bentley he saw him showing off on Instagram,
Brown refused, saying he was “here for the struggle.”

After Brown began likening himself to Tupac and Huey P. Newton, the crowd that had
congregated to get pictures with him walked away.

Brown awaits a nearby shootout’s conclusion while thinking of Rihanna

Brown then walked a few blocks, stopping at each to take pictures for his social media
accounts. When a fan asked for a quarter to help her buy bread, Brown
notified her that he only had $100 bills.

“Litty again! We Litty! Haha!,” Brown screamed while sitting idly on the front porch of an
entourage member’s mother’s house. The mother came out and asked him
to quiet down to avoid noise complaints, and also suggested they wash
the chairs because she saw a homeless man peeing on one of them

He asked the woman “bhich, bhy?,” and was “yolked up” because it which sounded like, “b***h, bye?” When he explained that he was trying to ask “which? why?” in “bloodtalk,”
to the woman—who he perceived was a “triple OG”–he was let go
with a warning.  Brown stood idly for another hour, intermittently
snapchatting himself and pop locking.

He then moved to another block, where a red van pulled up. Brown then excitedly proclaimed,
“this that Blood s**t! That real nutty block, Don’t Be A

The van opened, and it turned out to be an older woman with groceries. Brown stopped his
anticipatory Crip walking and helped her. A fan then took a video of
her pinching him on the cheeks and saying she loved “Yo (Excuse Me
Miss).” Brown stepped to him and they had a heated exchange. The
man pulled out a gun, and Brown tearfully apologized. After the man
took Brown’s money, he walked back towards the house he was at
earlier, doing another snapchat video. During the video, he chalked
up his red eyes to “thug tears.”

“You gotta be cut from a certain cloth to deal with this,” Brown said, walking down the
street. “Hood life ain’t for everybody.”