DJ Vlad cringes in embarrassment when asked about interview

media personality DJ Vlad usually interviews rappers, porn stars and
other controversial figures, but he recently spoke with college
students Simone Jones and Elise Proctor. Their conversation resulted
in a memorable video—for all the wrong reasons.

hearing of the girl’s achievements, which included 4.0 GPAs and
community service, Vlad asked “Oh, you did something positive?”
in a befuddled tone before initially stopping the interview and
leaving the room.

return, he told the girls his management reached out to the wrong
people, and he “didn’t know why they were here.” The girls tried
to hold their composure, but Proctor gave Vlad a death stare.
Nevertheless, Vlad continued the awkward interview.

           Proctor and Jones with a High School student they’re mentoring.

main concern was apparently getting the ever-composed women to crack.
The interviewer–who’s platform has achieved a reputation for being
the place to air gripes—asked the girls about Black men.

you girls feminists?”

we are,” they answered in unison.

you think Black men are too thuggish?”

does ‘thuggish’ mean, I’m puzzled at where this is going?” Jones

Vlad said.

a palpably uncomfortable 40 second silence, he asked the girls if
they have ever stripped. Jones left the room.

attempted to apologize to Proctor and noted, “I know you people
tend to do these things.” She then noted, “I’m only continuing
this interview to give myself practice for the real world.”

another awkward silence, Vlad asked her whether she’s ever seen a

getting an affirmative answer, Vlad then said, “I need you to go
into full detail about what happened,” in a tone resembling a first
48 detective.

Proctor refused, Vlad sighed in disappointment, and said “OK, what
are we supposed to talk about?

railed against Vlad, speaking on her achievements and numerous
problems in the Black community, such as institutional racism and
“vultures like” Vlad who “perpetuate negative stereotypes about
people of color.”

said, “I see,” paused, and attempted to ask her about the Troy
Ave shooting. As Proctor walked out, Vlad pleaded “can you talk about
how Slim Jesus is an appropriator?”

interview has gotten over 800,000 views in two days, with many of the
commenters—mostly Black men—insulting the girls.

prissy hoes ain’t no real n*ggas, prolly never seen a bullet wound
LMAO” said YouTube user DonaldPump.

Proctor, and Jones have yet to comment on the video.