Jay Z was recently the first rapper to be inducted into the Songwriters
Hall of Fame, and Drake has followed up quickly after.

say the Canadian artist is tabbed to be inducted into the hall not
because of his own body of work though, but as a humanitarian based
on the amount of songwriters and ghostwriters he’s kept employed by
writing his albums.

of Fame spokesperson Hal Holbrook notes, “our hall was created to
project fantastic songwriters. And no single person in Music history
has worked as hard to keep songwriters penning as Drake,” who has
fought ghostwriting rumors since Meek Mill outed him in 2015 and
Majin Jordan exposed the factory-style songwriting camps at Drake’s
studio—complete with tents.

It’s estimated that Drake has made $2 billion for the music industry in
the past two years, not just with music sales, but in fees paid to
songwriters, as well as hush money for ghostwriters and studio

While Atlanta producer Zaytoven has said he’s never seen Drake record in
the studio, an engineer in Toronto said that he watched Drake record
a self-written version of Meek Mill diss “Charged Up” that paled
in comparison to the one that was ultimately released. It’s alleged
that Drake paid him six figures to keep quiet about what he had
seen—and help him find a discreet ghostwriter to pen the diss.

A person in the OVO camp says that Drake looks at giving out hush money
and employing songwriters as a humanitarian effort. Apparently,
spreading so much money throughout the industry is his way of
“putting money in the Black community.”

Sources say in celebration of the songwriting honor, Drake has reached a deal
with an undisclosed outdoor supply company to create limited edition soundproof
tents complete with recording capabilities–”for reference tracks
on the fly.“