“I had a Space Jam Bill Murray jersey I hand stitched for that n*gga, but you can’t be out here touchin’ women,” says independent fashion designer (and party promoter) Leroy James. “I’m giving it to Game.”

James has become known as the new school equivalent to Harlem’s Dapper Dan, making ostentatious pieces for an urban audience for over 10 years. He has handmade some of Fabolous’ most eye-catching outfits, from rare jerseys to Gino Green printed-Jordan 11s custom made for the 2007 VMAs.

“That shi* was only hot for like 4 months! It took me 2 and a half months to finally get all the Gs in proper order. By the time I got them to him he said they wouldn’t match his outfit cause he was wearing a ‘Michael Vick longest yard’ jersey. I ate it because I f*cked with Fab, but no more,” he said while making a Hot Cheetos sweatsuit for “a scammer.”

James took to social media to express his disappointment in Fabolous for abuse allegations that have come to light. In an angry Instagram tirade, he said that he was selling off the wardrobe he had been making for Fabolous this summer.

“No Barack Obama Knicks jersey for you. No Roc Nation Kangol hat for you. Them Miami Vice-colored timbs you was gonna wear to Liv on Memorial Weekend? Gave them to my little nephew !!!,” James captioned on an Instagram post of Fabolous wearing a throwback OJ Simpson jersey.

James says that Fabolous has since called him “in tears” about losing out on the unique fashions. The designer laments that “Fab said I was the first person he had called” since the damaging video of his domestic dispute became public. The designer told the Brooklyn rapper to “go get some help” and “call his family instead.”