Brooklyn rapper Desiigner seemingly dodged a major bullet when his gun charge was recently
dropped, but his jail stint may have all been by design. Sources in
the FBI say that the bureau used the “Panda” rapper to entrap a
high-ranking meth dealer into admitting his guilt in a 2011 quadruple

After 31 hours of agents interrogating Lenny Smather, the FBI had run out of ideas. One
official, a Hip-Hop fan, had the idea to use Desiigner to coerce
Smather into unknowingly admitting to slaying four rival drug dealers
in a New Mexico apartment.

“We’d had this guy in our sights for over 6 years,” the anonymous source says. “We
weren’t going to let him go. So we decided to get the catchiest guy
in the world to help.”

According to the source, the FBI staged Desiigner’s arrest, flew him to Texas, and placed him
in a room across from Smather. He was visible to Smather through a
glass window, snapping and singing the chorus to his “Timmy Turner”
song. Smather initially laughed, covered his ears, and spat at the
glass window, but he slowly began to break. After two hours of
Desiigner singing and dancing aggressively, Smather got up, started
dancing, and sung, “I killed everybody walkin’!”

The agents cuffed Smather mid-dab and took the audio tape.

Smather’s lawyer Rob Parlon says the audio of the interrogation is “obviously dubbed,”
and notes that the way Smather melodically said, “I killed
everybody walking” indicates he was “singing a song, and not
speaking with the agents.”

Judge Ralph Simpson
laughed off the claim during Smather’s September 12th arraignment.

The FBI source maintains
that Desiigner’s gun case was kept open a couple days so suspicions
wouldn’t be raised, then the charges against him were dropped.
Apparently, the drug charges will eventually be dropped as well.

“We just need him
to do a little more dirty work for us,“ the source said.