Four Sand Mountain, Alabama men staged an armed anti-capitalism demonstration in a liquor store.

On December 30th, the four men—three of whom are brothers—walked into the Lime St. Liquor store wielding their registered weapons. The group then staged a protest, repeatedly shouting “we want your money,” presumably referencing the Obama administration. After chanting for over a minute, the liquor store attendant donated over $1,200 to the group from the store’s cash register.  

After the register was emptied, the group continued their peaceful protest, pleading for “all the money.”(Editor’s Note: They presumably wanted “all the money” in the federal reserve to be more fairly distributed). 34-year-old Eugene Salteen escorted the attendant towards the back of the shop, and the contents of the store’s safe were also donated.

The shop owner is calling foul, demanding that the men be arrested for armed robbery, but Marshall County Sheriff Randall Bakstreet-Lynch says there are no plans to do such.

“I’m gonna defend their right to free speech until I die,” area Sheriff Randall Bakstreet-Lynch says. “No guns were fired. They gave their demands. They want all the money? So do I,” Lynch says chuckling.

Red Shack, the liquor store’s owner, argues that the four men came in with the intention to rob it, but is at the mercy of a relatively uncooperative police department. Only one member of the group, Tyus Boykins, has come in contact with the police. After news of the demonstration broke, police went to Boykins’ home to check his weapon’s registration.

This incident sparked the outrage of many. One civil rights organization, Black first, took to Boykins’ defense with a public demonstration of their own. Group spokesman Ahmed Plummer noted that the Salteen brothers have prior robbery convictions, but didn’t receive any questioning. Plummer notes that he believes Boykins was guilty of armed robbery, but resents that he was the only one who police sought.

“Why can’t Tyus get away with a crime with the same ease as Johnny or Susie?,” Plummer asked via e-mail.. “Boykins may be an armed robber, but he is a legal weapon holder just like the Salteens. This situation is another case of the Black man being profiled while the white man gets by on privilege. Black men deserve to take advantage of the same injustices that white men do.”

For his part, Boykins noted, “I don’t see color,” when called for comment.

The Salteens and Boykins plan to take their Twitter-dubbed “More Money Movement” throughout the Southern United States, reportedly targeting areas where it’s legal to openly carry firearms. They will continue to ask for more money from the Obama administration in stores, banks, and anywhere else willing to donate to their dream of a better America.