Future and Young Thug resolved their differences with a rap battle in Atlanta’s Patchwerk Studios Tuesday night. In today’s social media obsessed age, it was a pleasant surprise to see the two artists take it back to the essence of Hip-Hop. What was even more surprising was the parameters of their battle: the two men rapped at each other from behind fans with their mouths full of Sprite.

While Future was resting in between recording for his Beast Mode 8.5 mixtape—scheduled for a July 2021 release—Young Thug angrily barged into the studio.

“All of a sudden we just heard someone screaming ‘time to see what that mouth do bae!’,” said an insider in Future’s FreeBandz Gang (FBG) camp. “It woke Future up from his lean, and he started saying ‘Ci?’,” purportedly referencing his ex-Fiance Ciara.  

It turns out it wasn’t Ciara, but Young Thug, who Future has been involved in an intermittent war of subtweets with.

The insiders say after nearly coming to fisticuffs, members of FBG and Young Thug’s Young Stoner Life (YSL) crew let the two artists talk in private. It was there that they decided to battle to see who was the King of Trap music. Young Thug suggested a “live emoji-Tweet battle”, but Future wanted to rap.

Since the two artists rely heavily on exaggerated Autotune effects on their studio recordings, they resolved to use table fans as microphones to mimic the plug-in’s robotic effects. Right before the battle, the two men reached a solemn respect when they realized they both used the same rapping technique of rhyming with a mouth full of Sprite.

“It was a classic Hip-Hop moment,” says Ethan Welch, writer for NOISEY. “Remember the story about Biggie and Jay-Z recording Brooklyn’s Finest, how they pushed the notepad at each other before realizing neither of them wrote rhymes? Future got the last Sprite out of the studio’s vending machine, and let Thug have half when he said that’s what he needed. I got chills.”

After the Trap Titans bonded over common ground, they realized they still had a bone to pick with each other. The two huddled in the studio with dozens of Atlanta’s biggest names suddenly in attendance. Word of the battle got around the small Atlanta Hip-Hop scene and artists such as TI, Jeezy, 2Chainz and Waka Flocka came to witness the spectacle.  

The men rapped for over two hours, furiously rhyming and harmonizing. Each round was timed by tipping over a small cup of lean on a table, rhyming until the cup was empty. The gooey substance served as an unlikely hour glass.

It seemed as if both artists ratcheted up their intensity with each round, playing with the fan’s speed settings to manipulate different pitches and melodies. Though few can recall any of the lines from the famously mumble-mouthed MCs, Welch notes, “it was a classic battle on par with Jay-Z and DMX and Rakim and Nas.” (Editors Note: Welch contacted us about this remark, saying he confused Rakim with Jay-Z) After the battle, Welch asked to have the soda from both of their mouths. He put it in a bottle, which he says he put next to his writing awards.

Future and Young Thug finished the battle with a hug as Atlanta’s rap scene cheered the display. and declared their beef over. Since there were no intelligible lyrics uttered that night, we don’t know who landed more lyrical bombs, but we can agree with Thug’s assertion that “nobody won, Atlanta won.”

Young Thug and Future have apparently recorded “over 91” tracks since Tuesday, planning to release a Black Bistory Bonth project by the end of February.