“Come to Harvey b***h! You ain’t doin’ none of that rainbow hair s**t in Harvey,” 29-year-old Dominique Sims shouts at the camera while aiming a gun toward it.

He’s uninterested in shooting the cameraman, instead notifying New York rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine that he’s firmly in Sims’ crosshairs.


“You perpetratin’ a real n*gga. I talk about it in my mixtape Celebratin A Real N*gga!”

Sims contends that if he wasn’t on probation and confined to the Chicago suburb of Harvey, Tekashi would be “banned” from Chicago. But because Sims can’t enter Chicago without permission, and likely won’t receive permission from his probation officer to enter the city to accost an entertainer with a gun, Tekashi’s latitude to explore Chicago is intact.

Sims has 92 hours of community service to serve within the next 3-months, or his probation could be extended. He says he has applied for his Instagram videos calling out rappers such as Tekashi, YBN Nahmir, and other young rappers for “acting like they hard” to be considered public service announcements (and count as community service), but his “PO always laugh when I bring it up. It’s a racist system.”

While Sims doesn’t yet have a solid means of completing that community service, he’s moreso focused on letting Tekashi know that he doesn’t like him. He’s never met Tekashi, but resents his “rainbow ass hair” and what he presumes is “fakeness.” Sims says, “I’m dying for him to come to Harvey. Come to Harvey boy!”

It’s unclear why he desires Tekashi in his presence if he disdains him so much, but he’s adamant about it, and contends he has a “bullet with his name on it–once I get off probation.”