Morton explains how he would “hook Trump up“ for his Inauguration

“Some white n—a ran up on me on Tuesday night like, ‘have you made your decision?’ I
said if you put that sticker on this Givenchy I’mma decide to slump
your ass, facts.“

Ronald Morton is one of several Harlem residents unaware that there was a Presidential
election on Tuesday. He noted that on one of the most important days
in recent American history, he was “hung over playing 2K all

“Damn, so Barack retired?,” Morton asks. “He was a cool ass n—a. But I ain’t
know much about him. He ain’t never come through, so,” Morton says
while shrugging.

Morton notes that he’s on parole from a past drug conviction, but “isn’t worried”
about Trump. After we told him Trump’s promised policies, including
building a wall separating Mexico and the United States, Morton
seemed unfazed.

“I been behind the wall seven years, my n—a. Plus s–t might be lit seein’ a
reality show from the White House,” he said while intently rolling
a blunt. (Editors note: Mr. Morton wants to clarify it was for his wife.)

When Morton told his girlfriend Paulette Hampton that there was an election she
laughed in shock, saying that she “knew Barack’s lease was coming
up soon,” but didn’t know when. She said she spent Election day
trying to get rent money for her apartment.

“My job been shortening my hours so I had to go out to Jersey and borrow some
money from my Aunt. I was 8 days late.” Hampton notes seeing a long
line of people outside a school, but didn’t think much of it.

“Them white people always doin’ some s–t,” she noted.
“I was too busy trying to call this fool and see if he took the chicken out.”

Morton and Hampton say that while it’s “f—ked up” what Trump wants to do to
undocumented residents, they feel relatively unaffected by a new

Hampton’s 7-year-old son says he was aware there was an election. When asked
what changes he expects to see in his neighborhood, Hampton noted:

“We gonna change the picture in the school office from Obama to Trump.”