Sources report that presumptive Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary
Clinton’s “embarrassing” pandering forced her to record a second
take of her April interview with Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club.

Apparently Clinton’s advisors suggested that it made sense for her to emulate
stereotypes of rappers since she was on a radio show with a large
urban following.

“She showed up an hour late, then had the nerve to break out blunt wrap
while they were talking,” an anonymous Power 105 source said.

A source close to Hillary’s camp says that the trio of radio
personalities Charlamagne Tha God, DJ Envy, and Angela Yee sat in
awkward silence when Clinton pulled out a Phillies cigar and said “go ‘head,
ask me what you want,” as she laid the cigar on her lap.

When Charlamagne asked Clinton what she was doing, she replied,
“about to roll up while you talk to me.”

Power 105.1 management soon rushed into the room and told Clinton she
couldn’t smoke—or technically have—marijuana in their offices.

she wasn’t who she was she’d have a possession charge,” another
anonymous Power 105 staffer said.

continued to act erratic after the weed debacle, feigning ignorance
when asked about then-rival candidate Bernie Sanders.

is that? I don’t even know who that is. Who?,” she said through
laughter. Clinton then talked about Sanders’ “paper” being “too
short” for him to be acknowledged by name. She also made it clear
that his famously overzealous fans would “feel the burn for real“ if they “ran down.“

asked about her Foreign Policy platform, Clinton diverted the
conversation to her e-mail scandal, noting, “I got the feds on me
now. But all I can do is hold my head.”

DJ Envy asked for her strategy to stimulate the economy, Clinton
stood up, yelling “we getting’ money though! I don’t even know why
they’re talkin about us being broke.” Clinton then signaled for a
staffer to bring her a duffel bag, which was stuffed with bundles of
Harriet Tubman edition $20 bills.

can’t even get these on the street yet,” Clinton noted as she
counted the money. “If you see a $10 I’m p*ssy,” she yelled while
throwing cash on the floor. “Like Soulja Boy said, shout out to
them slave masters!”

was then that Charlamagne stopped the interview, asking “what the
hell” Clinton was doing. When Clinton answered that she figured her
conduct was the best way to ingratiate herself to Black voters,
Charlamagne told her she was “making a fool of herself.”

a 20 minute deliberation, the radio station decided it was best to
start the interview over. The resulting footage is what made it to
the public. The second interview was more in line with how the
candidate has acted traditionally, though her “free Gucci Mane”
plea was cut from the interview.