“It’s real hip-hop going on in there! That real shi*.” 42-year-old Ron Washington exclaimed outside of BB Kings.

Rapper Skyzoo was at BB Kings performing songs from his heralded In Celebration Of Us album. The album has received rave reviews and the stamp of “real hip-hop” by many hip-hop fans. James Halten was so inspired by the tweets he saw about the album (he didn’t hear the actual project) that he organized an “In Celebration Of Us: Real Rap Rally” outside the Saturday night show.

Halten admitted, “I haven’t heard the album, but I just know it’s that real!. He added, “f*ck that Lil Yachty, weird vocals, weird hair sh*t,” while wearing a fluorescent Ol Dirty Bastard shirt.

When Halten was asked why he feels Skyzoo’s brand of hip-hop is “real” and others weren’t, he said, “I can’t even explain it, it’s just real, it’s that feelin’!”

Another fan aggressively added, “It’s Rakim n*gga! Biggie Smalls n*gga!” He went on to name various 90’s legends for the next three minutes while aggressively tugging at my jacket.

31-year-old Theon Guild surmised that, “hip-hop has just become mindless. The lyrics are way too violent, we need to get back to knowledge, like KRS,” he said. He added that his favorite KRS-One album is Criminal Minded.

The group of roughly 40 stood outside BB Kings chanting “we that real hip-hop, we ain’t Lil pump/real hip-hop for your ass lil’ chump” – but curiously no one bought tickets. When pressed on why they didn’t patronize the concert, the men got combative. One man asked us why we weren’t somewhere “listening to ‘Lil Hoe’ say Louie Gang or some sh*t” when we offered to purchase him a ticket.

After the show ended, the concertgoers poured out of BB Kings. The real hip-hoppers acted especially aggressive to the white people who left the show, calling them “hipsters” and “culture vultures.”

“They don’t know nothing about what they just listened to,” said Sam Sloan, who didn’t listen to any of the project. Sloan guessed that “they probably just Complex writers who used some comps to get drunk and look like they know hip-hop.”

When we asked a group of nine concertgoers how they felt about the concert, they noted that they had traveled from Scotland and were excited to see Skyzoo for the first time.