Atlanta rapper M.D.K is under fire for incendiary lyrics on his 2015 track, “I Ain’t Shit:”

“Shoot a baby in the head, leave his brains on the floor
Do your whole fam’ greasy like Wendy’s number 4
I swear I hate n*ggas, I’m like hitler with the hate
And I’m not nice, I don’t open doors on dates”

As he dropped the opening bars at a recent Philadelphia show, the crowd booed in disapproval until he was forced to leave the stage. He looked bewildered, as he’s performed the song at nearly every show over the past two years. What’s most surprising is that the backlash is fixated on the final line – not the violent threats or Hitler reference. Shocked twitter users took to Social Media to deem the 19-year-old “trash” for “upholding toxic, violent misogyny” by mentioning that he doesn’t open doors for women.

When Twitter user @BowWowsPilot asked, “yall say the line is ‘violent’, but what about the physical violence in his music?”

User @AvaDuverslay’s reply, which gained 40,000 likes, spoke for the chorus: “Fuck n*ggas. I don’t care about n*ggas gettin’ shot unless maybe a cop did it.”


M.D.K., whose name is short for “Murder, Death, Kill,” is known for his violent, drug-addled lyrics, with songs like “Hole Head” and “Leanin’ At Communion.” His core fanbase is upset that people came to his show and booed him off stage over a two-year-old track.

One attendee defended her decision in her “I Was At M.D.K.’s Show. Read What I Have To Say” Ebony essay, noting, “I should be able to enjoy music about someone shooting a club up without being reminded that he may not even open the door to that club for me. That line hit me like a hole in the head. I had to leave before he performed my favorite song, ‘Hole Head.’”

Another writer noted that, “M.D.K.’s soulless admission of not being nice reflects just how jaded we have all become. We can accept his brute violence, and even contextualize it, but not being nice? That’s where societies’ ravaging of our humanity stands front and center, ducking bullets in a swirling sandstorm of gunsmoke. His refusal to open doors for women highlights his toxic, misogynistic, chauvinist, domineering, problematic, sexist, bigoted conditioning by this  toxic, misogynistic, chauvinist, domineering, problematic, sexist, bigoted patriarchy.”

M.D.K. took to Twitter to apologize for the violent lyrics and Hitler reference – which only made things worse. Women felt that his ignorance of their concerns was “erasure,” as the 47 thinkpieces about the issue used in their titles.

Video surveillance footage has since emerged of M.D.K. opening the door for his girlfriend at a Decatur, Georgia Wendy’s, which didn’t help his cause. Some of his fans have even deemed the rapper “fake” after seeing his chivalry. One M.D.K. fan said the footage was like “when he found out O-Dogg wasn’t real.” A mass burning of his CDs will take place on Friday, with some fans upset that he actually opens doors for women, and others upset that he raps that he doesn’t.