Democratic Presidential Hillary Clinton is under fire for an “Every Life Matters” symposium that highlighted her campaign’s tonedeaf pandering to oppressed groups.

Clinton invited members of the Black Lives Matter organization and numerous other activist groups, but managed to alienate them with her event’s problematic rhetoric.

The symposium was controversial from the outset, with Hillary and husband Bill walking onstage in culturally appropriating wardrobe. Hillary donned a dashiki, sugar skull face paint, and a Native American headdress.

A guest stormed to one of the microphones placed in the crowd and asked if Hillary knew the cultural significance of her wardrobe, sarcastically asking what tribe the Clintons were from.

Bill interjected, saying “all you need to know is she’s not a ho, and to get with her I had to be chief,” while waving his hands in the air.

Sources close to Hillary’s campaign said Bill thought reciting Jay-Z lyrics would reintroduce the “hipness” that made him a liberal favorite in the 1990s. The crowd did not find Bill’s off-color remark humorous, and many of the attendees left immediately. From there, the culturally corrosive tone was set.

During the question and answer portion of the event, Activist Shonda Rice eloquently condemned Bill’s 1994 crime bill, blaming him for in part “strengthening the injustice system’s grips on minority communities.” Rice then asked Hillary if she had plans to revise America’s draconian sentencing laws.

Tellingly, Hillary stuttered in her non-answer, but invited guest Jon Stewart jumped onto the stage and delivered a lengthy rebuttal. While many in the crowd cheered on the former Daily show host, his answer was little more than a repeat of what Rice had said, down to the “injustice system” phrase.

While the reaction to Rice was fairly silent, many guests, primarily the “Ally Nation” activist group raucously praised Stewart. The group’s official Twitter account tweeted “Jon Stewart just coined the term #InjusticeSystem. Fuck yeah!”

Later, when Hillary was asked what she thought the biggest problem in the Black community was, she noted “the N-word,” and blamed “Black Lives Matter rapper Eazy E and N.W.A.” for using the term.

When told by a guest that N.W.A. isn’t a part of Black Lives Matter and Eric “Eazy E” Wright died in 1996, Hillary said she heard Ice Cube say “Black Lives Matter” in an interview and recited lyrics from “Fuck The Police.”

After those comments, the remaining attendees from minority activist groups left.

Bill attempted to grab their attention by doing the “Quan dance” onstage, while Hillary did the cabbage patch, desperately screaming “look! We’re here for you!”

The event was seen as a historical disaster, with CNN journalist Wolf Blitzer calling it “the biggest self-sabotage in American political history.”

In subsequent events on the campaign trail, Hillary’s speeches have been interrupted by people singing random Eazy E songs. Sources says Hillary is resolute about winning back those she alienated. She recently tweeted: “Reading The Miseducation of Malcolm X.”