“I haven’t been this excited since someone e-mailed me and actually asked about modeling instead of my rates,” Instagram personality Dolly Luxe says of her upcoming paid club appearance.

Luxe got “chose” after her scantily clad addition to the #InMyFeelings challenge went viral. A local Florida nightclub owner offered her a fee to do the dance live. “I always knew I could go viral,” she says, brimming with pride. “I prayed before I uploaded it and lo and behalf DJ Akademiks saw my post and shared it. Just last year, I was banned from Club Passion for beating a b***h who was staring at my man stare at her, and now I’m doing a walkthrough there. God is real.”

Luxe is ironing out the details of her appearance, including how she’ll “personalize the end of my dance” and what she’ll wear during her walkthrough. “I don’t know what I’m going to wear,” she ponders. “I think I’m going to look on the Rihanna hashtag, see what fit got the most likes, and give it a lil’ Ali Express remix.”

Holly says that much of her $2,000 fee will be going to “the bouncers to kick anyone I ask out of the place, since I can’t block people in real life.” She says she’ll also be paying upcoming Florida rapper Uyung $p33dball $500 to let her take a picture with him in bed while he sleeps, paying “overdue fees” to her “image touchup assistant” and the remaining money will “buy me a box spring finally!”

While watching clips of media figures like “her idol” Chanel West Coast sitting in the club (“to learn her technique”) and rigorously fine-tuning her 20-second rendition of the #DoTheShiggy dance, she said that she hopes the appearance will “look good on my resume” and convince Love And Hip-Hop producers to give her more than the $14 an hour rate she earned for her 4 hours of work last year. “I was in the background of a scene with Safaree’s slimy hairline on full display, but you can see my shape,” she beams while playfully twerking.

“I think when the next LA season starts I’ve graduated from just an extra to maybe getting a facial reaction shot when someone throws a drink or starts fighting. This social media internship debate has really got me realizing my worth. I’m an upcoming IG baddie plus an exotic. It’s time to get paid like it.”