“There’s nothing like a thug that loves you! Recently we were in New York. The sewage is bad there, so when it rains it’s a big ass water puddle. He made everyone at the corner strip and put their clothes over the puddle for me to cross. He said ‘if you don’t drop your s**t for my Queen to cross this puddle ‘issa wrap!’ I was in love at that moment,” Rose gushes.

“No one had called me a queen before. With a gun in their hand.”

Eyebrows are raising at the union of celebrity Amber Rose and Atlanta rapper 21 Savage. Many believe 21 Savage to be a hardened, no nonsense ruffian who could care less about love. But as Amber explained, “that was society projecting their own negative stereotypes.”

“When we sat down in the VIP for our first date at Liv he said ‘no one ever asked me if I wanted love. Not the n*ggas I shot at, the people who’s doors I kicked in, the fiends I served, or the strippers I stuck $50 in.’  But he’s got love with me!”


Since their first date at Miami’s Liv nightclub, The Slutwalk organizer has been on a whirlwind romance with Savage that has been just as dangerous as it has been romantic.

“He can be kind of protective,” Rose admits. He recently threatened to “pull up” and beat up anyone calling Rose a hoe.

“I told him ‘we might as well get a deal with Lyft cause that’s gonna be a lot of pulling up baby,’” she recalls through laughter.

When Savage first saw her infamous bodysuit emblazoned with misogynist slurs in her closet, he asked her who made it. She told him, thinking nothing of it. Later that night, he (allegedly) Facetimed her with the designer tied up on a chair, threatening to “push him in a river” if he didn’t apologize. Once she told him that she wanted the designer to make the suit, he untied the man and asked her about her intentions.

“He said he was interested in learning about feminism, so we went to the library, but it was a mess. We were reading bell hooks, and there were a lot of passages I didn’t even know how to explain to him. So he kept going up to the librarian asking, ‘what the f**k this mean?’ I guess she got threatened cause we basically got kicked out.”

Rose says Savage will be naming his next mixtape Thug Feminism, with her doing interludes speaking on feminist ideologies such as, “not giving a f**k and doing what you want!”

She admits that it will be an adventure “civilizing” Savage, but she also believes that his wild nature is part of his appeal.

“The other day we were carving out a giant penis statue out of wood to put on my front lawn. I accidentally cut myself with a knife trying to carve the shaft right, and out of instinct he ran up to a car in the street, pistol whipped the driver, threw him out and sped me off to the hospital. When we got there and they stitched me up I told him my car keys were right in the house.

He laughed and said, I lose my mind when I’m with you – and when I see blood.”