Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s upcoming episode of Family Feud has been indefinitely postponed in light of Kanye’s controversial statements supporting Donald Trump.

We were able to get details of the episode, which was predictably full of fireworks.

The hijinks started when Kanye was asked what charity his earnings would go to. He said they were initially set to go to the Calabasas Boys and Girls club, but that all the proceeds would instead be going to his Yeezy brand and the construction of a “solar theme park” with a “live action, scale model of the moon.”

He then said he changed his mind again, and told Steve Harvey “we don’t have to compete,” reciting a line from his upcoming solo album and suggesting that both teams should “tie like the binds of white and Black love/cause OJ more than football and a Black glove.”

When Steve Harvey told Kanye that his suggestion was against the show’s rules, the rapper retorted by bemoaning “antiquated game shows.” He told Harvey to “shift the paradigm” while standing on the show’s centerstage desk. “When you said that model’s name wrong, that means in another universe she did win Ms. Universe! And you could’ve brought that galaxy to this one like I’m trying to do. You Steve Harvey, you was in Friday you got the power to change all the rules!”

Kanye then called out Wheel Of Fortune for not having enough hip-hop slang as answers. “Why is ‘lituation’ never an answer? Why is ‘skrrt’ not an answer?,” he questioned. “People talk about oppression and presidential policies, but this is what we need to be paying attention to!”

Harvey paused in confusion after Kanye’s speech, before simply stating, “Kanye, I wasn’t in Friday.”

Later in the show, Kanye was asked to name “things people are often chased by in movies,” which derailed into a monologue about fear and insecurity:

“People talk about running from ghosts. They ain’t scary, they’re from the past. They don’t know you!! A ghost will try to scare you based on what you used to fear when they were alive, not who you are now. Casper would try to scare me saying, Kanye we’re going to let the world know you’re going broke and your next album might not go platinum. And I’m just gonna laugh and say let it happen, my mindset is beyond numbers. Then the ghost becomes under my power! I’mma have ghosts campaignin’ for me in 2024!”

As Kanye spoke, Steve Harvey comically tossed his cue cards, left the set, and sat in the audience. When he returned to the stage, he asked Kanye’s aunt Beverly, who was a guest, that “I’m not supposed to talk like this cause I got a lot of sponsors and white people lookin’ at me. But when was the last time you just said, ‘Nigga please?’,” which made Kanye and the rest of his family laugh uproariously.

A later scene where Kanye sheds dubious light on Kim Kardashian by answering, “posters of Black women they idolize” to the question, “what are things in every woman’s bathroom?” is set to be cut from the show if the full episode ever airs.