Kendrick Lamar’s music is unapologetically Black, but come 2019 he’ll be blue.
Sources say that Kendrick Lamar is on his way to Hollywood, signed on
by his label to play Gonzo in an upcoming big screen adaptation of
Muppet Babies.

news may seem shocking to some, but sources say Kendrick recently had
his Interscope contract amended in a manner that gave him full
creative control of his albums in exchange for a no-questions-asked
participation in surefire moneygrabs—such as his Taylor Swift and
Lonely Island collaborations.

one Interscope source says, “Black stuff is selling now, but we
also need the green stuff from white America.”

label says that Kendrick Lamar’s Afrocentric music—deemed “racist”
in a recent internal research study they did–isn’t grossing as much
as past Interscope stalwarts such as Eminem and 50 Cent. “[Kendrick]
isn’t on Rawkus records, Interscope is the big leagues,” the source
says. “We need money from all over the map. Private prisons are on
the way up again with Trump and Universal (owner of Interscope
records) can’t make investments with writing awards and fist emojis.”

some major label musicians straddle the line of artistic integrity
more carefully then Kendrick has, TDE sources say the camp “knows
no one cares.”

don’t know if he’s a pimp, a simp, a street n*gga, or Keith Sweat and
everyone still buys,” says a person close to Kendrick, who also
notes the lack of reaction to Vice’s
t of Kendrick’s cheesiest pop collaborations. “So Kenny’s
gonna kick that Black s**t but also go ahead and get that white bread
too. The Black man taking no losses for real.