Just Blaze vs. Swizz Beats. Funkmaster
Flex vs. DJ Clue. Lex Luger vs. Southside. Several hip-hop
personalities have recently been involved in or are scheduling
battles for the culture, but now the pendulum is shifting: Lil Uzi
Vert and Post Malone are set to battle to determine who’s least like
a rapper.

The parameters of the battle haven’t
been officially been released, but sources say that the two will take
the stage using various tactics to showcase how much they aren’t
rappers. The battle will be showcased live on RevoltTV.

“I think Uzi is going to dance to
some trap, and Post Malone is going to rap terribly to some Primo
beats. They’re both doing things that court boos, but whoever rocks
the crowd the most while pulling their stunts is truly not a

The battle was the idea of Uzi, who
infamously got into it last year with Ebro on Hot 97 about rapping to
DJ Premier instrumentals. He’s trying to “expand his brand” and
believes an anti-rap battle will entrench how little of a rapper he
is—even though his base could be define as hip-hop fans.

Yeah, he used hip-hop outlets to get
known and performs with hip-hop artists, but it’s different,” says
DJ Lucas, Uzi’s road manager. Lucas, who admits he’s never DJed but
loves the term, says that “you can’t judge Uzi by old school rules.
He’s got a song coming out reading the 48 laws of power in autotune.
He’s not gonna be rhyming at all, but it’s still gonna be lit.”

When asked about the upcoming “I’m
not a rapper” battle, KRS-One surprised many by supporting the two
artists, saying that them admitting they’re not hip-hop, but still
getting on the stage is the “most hip-hop” thing they could do.