Hip-hop executives are seeing the fiscal value in signing non-Black rap artists in recent years. During hip-hop’s inception, the genre was dominated by Black artists highlighting the brutal realities of their government-engineered conditions. Now though, many may feel as industrious Dallas “Streetrepreneur” Bone Dirty, who told us that,“ Frank Lucas went to France for the plug. I’m going to Colombia to make me a plug.”

Bone Dirty says he “sees two steps ahead” of the rest of the music industry, which is why he’s not looking to merely sign an upcoming rapper, but “breed” non-Black rappers from childhood. “We already seen n*ggas talk that s**t, that s**t old. I’m finna have a foreign boy with a foreign b***h in a foreign whip talkin that street s**t – and that ain’t gonna be foreign to him.”

The idea of adoption is for children to be inducted into better living conditions. Bone takes pride in doing “the exact opposite.”

“You think I adopted him to give him a better life? No, I adopted him so his life can be tougher than mine was. Get out on that corner and get it from the mud. I ain’t giving no silver spoons over here,” the former drug dealer says while eating pudding from a golden spoon.

The children won’t attend school, as Bone will have them “real-schooled.” They’ll be veritably programmed to rap, listening to music and forced to write bars every day “from like 6 years old.” He says if all goes well he will start a “farm” of children for people to adopt and turn into rap stars.

Bone says he already has a favorite child, a 3-year-old Cambodian boy named Chea. “His name gonna be Chea-Ki. His first mixtape finna be called ‘Lean In The Breast Milk.’ I’mma have Diddy host it.”