Simmette when hearing his wife speak on what an ideal marriage looks like

“She tryna’ kill me and our family,“
44-year-old Ralph Simmette tearfully plead in a 911 call.

“Where is she, are you all safe?,”
the responder asked.

“For now. She’s in the backyard
hammock reading,” Simmette said.

As scared for his life as Simmette
sounded, it appears he wasn’t (and still isn’t) in immediate danger
of violence from his wife Yvonne Lank-Simmette. That hasn’t stopped
Simmette, a father of two children with Yvonne, from requesting a
restraining order for him and his kids because Yvonne has become a
“manhating feminist.”

Simmette postulates that Yvonne, who
has started reading Feminist texts, will soon become a part of “the white man’s cult“ that aims to “pathologize Black women to destroy Black
men and the Black family structure.”

Yvonne shruggingly admits, “equality
always looks terrifying to the privileged.”

Simmette had no problem with Yvonne
following through on her 2016 New Years resolution to begin reading
more books. After picking up Feminism is For Everybody at the
suggestion of a friend, Simmette had an awakening.

“I started reading up about the
intersection of racism and misogyny. I gained a lot of insight and
wanted to talk to him about it,” Yvonne says.

The 31-year-old Banker admits she once
subscribed to “old-fashioned” social constructs, but the book had
a profound affect on her worldview. Yvonne began to chastise Simmette
when he used slurs such as “b***h” and “hoe.” She even told
him he needed to make drastic ideological changes for her to sustain
their 4-year marriage.

          Yvonne looks forward to a new life without her husband

“I told him I wanted him to accept me
as an equal partner,” Yvonne said. “He then said ‘I let you drive
sometimes.’ When I told him it was much deeper than that he seemed
fine, but later that night when I went to light my incense he ran in
the bathroom and screamed  ‘don’t burn me!’ I thought he was joking,
but his conduct over the next couple of weeks showed me he wasn’t.”

For the past month, Simmette slept on a
couch with his kids tightly in his arm. He kept his distance from
Yvonne, and went out to eat for every meal—fearing poisoning. He’s
even stopped watching the NBA playoffs because he believes the idea
of “too many Black men at once” would enrage her.

After Yvonne finally confronted him
about his change in conduct, Simmette accused him of wanted to kill
him and her own children. Yvonne says she rolled her eyes and went in
her backyard to read.

“The next thing I know I turn around
and there are cops behind me,” Yvonne recalls.

After the situation was resolved with
Simmette leaving the house, he filed a restraining order against his
wife, alleging that “as she becomes more of a feminist she’ll have
a deeper desire to destroy our family.”

In court, Simmette went on a
pseudo-intellectual rant about the Black man being under attack,
feminism as a vessel of Adolf Hitler’s philosophies, and not wanting
his wife to turn into “Lena Dunham.”

The court room was silent. Finally,
Yvonne asked the judge to grant the restraining order because she didn’t want to be in his
presence anyway.

Simmette blew up, having to be
restrained and vowing to “get his family back!”

After Simmette left the courtroom, the
stenographer quipped that the scene reminded “him of the episode of
Martin where he thought Gina was going to kill him.”