“I’ll kill about all ’em,” 27-year-old Quincy Adams contends, for the fifth time in the past five minutes, about his loved ones. “I love too hard though, so I respect that they need space from my heart.”

“I need space from the devil,” his mother Shirley says upon hearing his explanation. “I love my boy but I don’t know why he has to be this way. Somebody put some damn satan sauce in his tattoo ink.”

Shirley says the final straw that led her to “cut him off for now” is when he gave her a Mother’s Day card with a handwritten letter that went into detail about “gutting” his estranged father and “puttin’ n*ggas in meat grinders if they ever hurt you.”

Quincy has effectively alienated himself from most of his family due to his penchant for his expressing his love for them in graphic fashion. “He can’t express empathy without loading a bullet behind it,” Shirley says.

When the rapper/amateur landscaper’s 3-year-old daughter Quinicia was born, his sister Asha says he “ruined the mood” in the hospital room by telling the newborn what he would do to people who hurt her.

“When my baby father held his boy for the first time, he hugged him, said how happy he was. Q was like, ‘oh I’d shoot a n*gga 4 times at point blank range and dump bathsalts in the wound if they did you wrong.’ Like boy! Who thinks like that at after childbirth? I can’t deal with that anymore. He’d ruin Thanksgiving dinner prayer talkin’ about ‘carving n*ggas up just like the turkey if they tried us.”

Quincy contends that,“I’m a street n*gga, and I’m only bustin’ my s**t for those I love or those I’m getting’ money with.” He adds that, “I thought people would be honored that I’m willing to do life for them. But I guess not,” as a solitary tear crept down his cheek.

Alorah, the mother of Quinicia, said that she left Quincy early in her pregnancy when his homicidal urges began to ruin their romantic life. “I thought it was cute when he’d be like ‘I’ll die about her’ as an Instagram caption for our pictures, but soon he stopped even saying ‘I love you’ when we got off the phone. He’d say something like ‘if you need me call me, I’m ready to cut a n*gga nuts off.”

His current beau, MaryAnn, says that she was “attracted to his thug nature” and let him move into her home after a week, but their sex life has suffered as “his definition of making love is whispering in my ear about how much he wants someone to do something to me so he can shoot them in the head.”

Mary says, “I’m an open-minded white girl, but I have limits too.”