A Florida man is suing his former fiance and his lawyer—her uncle–after he unknowingly gave them his $120,000 fortune at the altar.

During a December 12th destination wedding in Puerto Barrios, Guatemala, Clarence Jenkins, a Miami-based party promoter, gave verbal consent to waive his control of the bank account he shared with his fiance Maria Salvado. Before returning stateside, Jenkins filed suit in Guatemalan court claiming he didn’t know what he was doing because Luis Salvado, the marriage officiant, was speaking Spanish.  

According to wedding guests, Jenkins happily nodded and said “si papi” after every comment Luis made on the altar. Unbeknownst to Jenkins, Luis—also Salvado’s uncle– asked Jenkins four questions which served to eliminate Jenkins’ control over the couple’s Banco De Guatemala savings account and ensure he couldn’t file an appeal. After Luis spoke in English about the financial transaction that had taken place on the altar, Jenkins broke into tears. He was overheard repeatedly muttering, “but my foreign thang” while the Salvado family laughed.

The incident was a fittingly bizarre end to a wedding ceremony Jenkins’ sister Rashida noted was unlike any she had ever attended. 

“Clarence was acting a damn fool the whole weekend,” Rashida noted. Rashida said Jenkins, who spoke virtually no Spanish, and Salvado, an immigrant who moved to Florida in 2011, had little in common.

“They literally couldn’t communicate, how the hell could they build anything real? That boy just wanted him an ‘exotic chick’ like all these other basic ass [Black men],” Rashida said. “He hates Black women, you should see his Twitter. He thinks it’s cute that [Maria] couldn’t speak English.”

Rashida recalled that just before giving away his fortune, Jenkins turned to wedding-goers—including many of his own family– and launched into a bizarre rant about his “weaveless wonder” Salvado, and his “choosing up” from the African-American women he previously dated. Rashida said Jenkins also made everyone in attendance run their fingers through the hair of Hermana, the 1-year-old daughter he conceived with Salvado.

Other wedding guests note that Jenkins seemed especially ecstatic at the prospect of an interracial marriage. Jenkins’ cousin Lou noted that, “while Maria was walking down the aisle [Jenkins] was screaming ‘she no speakie no English’ (in a tone reminiscent of Atlanta rapper Future) and dabbing.”

The marriage was called off after the financial debacle, and Salvado stayed in Guatemala with her daughter. When reached by phone, Salvado said, “jugar o ser jugado” (play or get played). Through an interpreter, Salvado also said that she knew Jenkins admired her solely for her looks and the financial maneuver was a longterm ploy to punish him for his fetishization.

Luis had no comment, but Jenkins’ lawsuit has little chance of succeeding. The Banco de Guatemala is based in Guatemala, where verbal transference is legal under power of attorney’s administration. Jenkins reportedly set up the overseas account after a suggestion from Luis, whom Jenkins lovingly called “El Chapo”–despite Luis’ law background.

It’s unknown if Jenkins knew of the verbal transference clause, or considered the conflict of interest in letting his fiance’s uncle handle their finances, but Rashida noted the situation is, “his own damn fault.”

“He’s coveted foreign girls since his balls dropped. When he was nineteen, I caught him drawing a picture of some woman that looked like Dania Ramirez with an exaggerated ass. I asked him if that was supposed to be his dream girl. He said no, [the drawing] was what his ‘mutt’ daughter was gonna look like. I was too through with him after that.”

Jenkins is still an active party promoter, and has apparently seen the error of his ways. Via e-mail, Jenkins noted: “A [Black person] done had a foreign whip, fresh [Louis Vuitton], fresh Margielas, I just wanted a foreign b***h to complete the ensemble.”

Jenkins said he’s still willing to engage in casual interracial sex, but doesn’t envision marrying outside of his race:

“It ain’t all about good hair and skin I guess. I need to settle down with a b***h more like my mama.”