We spoke to an NBC Executive on how his simple oversight amid a grand scheme ruined Cosby’s life. Here’s what he told us:

So someone said they heard Bill Cosby was going to try to buy the channel from General Electric back in 09. When we asked him for proof, he said he had none, he had just read it somewhere – or heard it at a party, he doesn’t remember but he had it in his brain that Cosby wants to buy the channel. We didn’t have concrete proof, but being a multi-billion-dollar business, we make moves based on what certain people said they read or heard somewhere.

We concocted this elaborate strategy to make sure that Cosby was so disgraced that he would never be in a position to bid on NBC. At first, we were going to lie and say he voted for Bush, but we thought it’d be too polarizing and Black people would still get behind him. I mean you see some Black people still supporting Kanye. But one guy had an idea that was more practical: get like 60 women to lie.


A group of us senior staff decided to call about 5 random women apiece we knew, and lo and behold all 60 of the women we asked to do it decided to do it for $100,000 a piece. And none of them even came back on us for more money to keep the lie going.

We’re all set to destroy this guy. But then one night I’m making some butter walnut waffles and I’m like, “we’re about to spend 6 million to defame this guy because he maybe wants our network…why don’t we just reject the offer and leave it at that?” Like, if he asks we could just say no. He doesn’t have to own the network, and we can spend that $6 million towards a Hannibal Buress sitcom.

After I eat I e-mail Buress like, ‘hold off on the public Cosby tirade we discussed.’ Then I’m drafting this e-mail up to the board, like, let’s discuss just telling him no if it ever comes to that. But it just so happens that as I was sending the e-mails, the wireless signal went out, and I didn’t realize as I went to sleep. I thought they had sent. So I wake up the next day, and Buress had went viral. It was too late to reel it back in. Sorry Bill.