“Why we called ‘Ruin A Pussy’? Cause
that’s what we do!,” passionately says M.C., aka Mr. Crack, in a
heavy drawl. “I vial up some s**t that’s a 9, what it gon’ do to a
J? Run across a n*gga talkin’ s**t, what I’mma do? Why you think I
only one nights a b—h?!? Easy answers pimp.”

In a world of hip-hop traditionalists
who rhyme extensively about how much they care to preserve the craft
of hip-hop, 19-year-old ATLiens R.A.P. (which stands for Ruin a Pussy) are literally named MC and DJ—yet care little about being true to the culture. They don’t even know what the terms mean in hip-hop parlance.

“Man, I’m just rapping to feed my
habit,” the appropriately named DJ, aka Dope Junkie admits while
loading heroin into a vial. “Niggas said I got a little flow, I’m
like whatever.” MC started rapping after getting shot while selling drugs.

“I’m one of a kind,” he says while polishing his platinum teeth.

While recording their 5 Elements Vol. 2 mixtape—named not for the 5 elements of hip-hop, but the 5 primary properties that make crack cocaine—DJ croaks a
nonsensical verse, then goes back into the corner to continue his
nod. When he needs to do adlibs, the engineer brings the mic out of
the booth and over to him.

MC notes that the process is “an everyday thing” for the duo. MC, who recently offered Sway a xanax tablet when he asked the young rhymer for “bars,” says the duo picked their names based on “how they were known around the way.”

“I talked to some n*gga named DJ Primo or something at SXSW. He ran up
on me all excited saying ‘why didn’t me and Guru think of that?,’”
MC recalls. “I said I didn’t know who he was talkin’ about, but
it’s probably because you don’t do as much drugs as DJ or serve as
much crack as me. The smile went right off his face.”

Already, the duo is causing controversy. A “make R.A.P. change their name” petition received over 10,000 signatures on Change.org. YouTube commenters leave snide remarks such as, “like this if you were listening to Big L in 2017, then decided to come make yourself mad by listening to this“ on songs like “Real Hip-Hop,“ which is about the way crack pebbles “hop around the pot” when MC is cooking crack.

Similar to 21 Savage, DJ has garnered a bevy of copycat artists, including DJ Sam, who proclaimed in a DJ Vlad interview that the
original DJ “can’t f–k with him on this junkie s**t.” There’s an unlikely “DJ” industry popping up in the game, with artists proclaiming themselves “mixmasters” by snorting, smoking and injecting copious concoctions of drugs.

who seems indifferent to his partner (“I keep him around to buy my
s**t”), says DJ and DJ Sam will have a DJ battle—not on the
wheels of steel, but with drugs. “I’mma be the mixmaster. I’mma put
together some coke, some dope, some crazy s**t. Whoever survive the
hit is the best DJ. Fuck all that 1s and 2s s**t,” he says while sipping out of his styrofoam cup.