“+hro@+y’s the best rapper cause he’s not worried about out rapping people, he just expresses himself like an artist,” fan Erica Davies says as she drunkenly stumbles out of the rapper’s
concert. Between bumps of coke, her friend Madeline adds, “he doesn’t call women out of
their name or talk about nonsense. That’s really arty.”

What’s their favorite +hro@+y line?

Erica makes an odd, melodic grunting sound.

Madeline kneels, makes prayer hands and breathes in and out quickly, panting like a tired dog.

+hro@+y is a true Hip-Hop anomaly. He’s taken Desiigner and Young Thug’s “post-verbal” exploits and raised the stakes: he doesn’t talk at all. The 21-year-old +hro@+y
considers himself a rapper, yet relies fully on sound effects to craft records like “$$+$$=$$$$.”

No one knows where the rapper is from or why he doesn’t speak on record or in interviews. Rumors persist that
he lost his voice in a car accident. Other people suggest he’s able
to talk, but is aware that silence adds to his mystery and influences
his 300,000 Twitter followers to continue their support.

+hro@+y likes that the shirt shows him where to put his prayer hands.

A recent Sway In the Morning interview
with +hro@+y consisted entirely of him kneeling on the floor doing
the prayer hands gesture. His manager Lucas suggested to Sway that
the best course of action was to ask him yes or no questions (he
doesn’t know if +hro@+y can talk either).

Twitter exploded after Sway angrily
asked +hro@+y to “get his ass up” from the floor after not
answering any of his questions. Many youth on the site called the
interview “iconic,” citing +hro@+y’s refusal to talk—even
though he agreed to the interview. Twitter user ColinCopaNick
recorded a video of himself doing similar during a job interview the
next day. His mother later put up a Facebook live stream of her
kicking him out of her home.

+hro@+y’s five fingers of death
freestyle was equally memorable, as he “rhymed“ over Kanye West’s
“Clique” beat by hiccuping with the song’s duckish sound effect
and making a “psst” sound over the hi-hat.

Hip-Hop news outlet NOISEY called the
freestyle a “protest song up there with Tupac’s best” and a “a
visionary feat of unrestrained dis-concern.”

Rapper Kanye West tweeted the article,
and raved that +hro@+y is “the realest rapper ever” because he
“refuses to conform to the white man wanting every n*gga to be an
entertainer.” Even though he’s an entertainer by profession.

+hro@+y’s next mixtape, Vibe Harve$$$t,
will be a Tidal exclusive.