After forecasting World War 3 “within 10 years,” President Barack Obama answered some tough questions about the future on Thursday—except none of them had to to with

During a White House lawn press conference, Obama fielded over 20 questions about his daughter Malia,who has been in the headlines for perceived party girl antics.

Immediately after saying “the intel he has hints at a worldwide disaster,” a Fox News reporter asked, “Mr. President, do you think your daughter could smoke you out?”

The reporter was ejected from the premises, but the questions continued.

A CBS reporter asked, “do you have a problem with the way your daughter is conducting herself?

Obama answered, “uhh….do you mean in the way most 18-year-olds conduct themselves?” He then chastised the question, stating that the perilous state of the Middle East,
Russia, and South America  is more important.

A CNN reporter then cut him off saying, “Yeah yeah, we know the world sucks, but your daughter’s glo up is more interesting.”

A visibly young reporter, a part of Fordham’s junior journalist program, was thrown out after saying “George Bush got a shoe thrown at him, but I want to toss you my
number to give to your daughter.”

The youth then screamed his Instagram
handle while being escorted out.

A visibly upset Obama frankly noted to the press,
“you didn’t give George Bush this garbage when his daughter was
falling down drunk.”

“We weren’t so resigned to the
world’s misery and seeking distractions back then,” an Al-Jazeera
reporter noted–before being escorted out.