US Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte is being depicted as morally bankrupt, yet financially, he’s anything but.

Sources close to Lochte say that candy giant Snickers and beer titan
Budweiser have offered disgraced American swimmer Ryan Lochte $5
million to film a commercial making light of his controversial night
in Brazil.

Lochte and three US Olympic swim teammates are possibly facing
indictment for reporting a false story after allegedly lying about
being robbed by armed assailants in Brazil. Anonymous Rio police
officers say that swimmers Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger have admitted to lying
about the robbery.

According to one Snickers source, the premise of the Lochte
commercial would align with Snickers’ current “You’re not you when
you’re hungry” campaign.

“Apparently, Lochte would be drinking a Budweiser on the way
home, then a group of shady looking people walk up and give him a Snickers. He’d eat the Snickers, then they’d turn into yelling kids
trying to get autographs, saying “you see things when you’ve had
too many Budweisers.”

Controversy arose on social media when a casting call seeking “shifty looking people of color”

for the commercial leaked online.

The commercial would mark a historic cross branding that has never occurred
in the marketing world. Additionally, there has never been a
commercial made referencing a subject’s open investigation. A Budweiser
executive, speaking on the unfinished negotiations under anonymity,
says the commercial is a “slam dunk” way to cash in on the Lochte
brand, and questions if “Brazil even has court rooms to try anyone in.”

When questioned on a potential backlash against the commercial, considering
Conger and Bentz are still in Brazil with their passports seized and
drinking in the street is illegal in Brazil, the Budweiser executive
says, “when have rules and legalities ever stopped us from making
money before? It’ll blow over. It always does.”