“We f**k with Soulja cause we know he gonna make people believe we got problems,” a
person close to rapper Lil Yachty admits.

“We gave him 5 stacks and an eightball and he was making videos about coming to kill Yachty
in 2 hours. He’s a professional.”

Sources close to Soulja Boy says that while the “Crank Dat” rapper hasn’t seen a music
check since “Malia Obama thought weed was only a contraction,”
he’s earned a “respectable” income from fledgling rappers and
businesses that pay him to promote them through ridiculous social
media stunts.

“It’s sort of like reverse marketing,” says one source. “Like when he lied about
buying the house…if he had said it was a nice house blah, blah, no
one would care. But people went the extra mile to look at the listing
on AirBNB to prove him wrong. Now it has 12 potential buyers.”

Soulja Boy, who will eventually get a hefty commission fee from his November AirBNB stunt,
apparently learned the lucrative nature of controversy from hanging
around rap icon 50 Cent—and the art of lying from Birdman, who
still insists he owns an oil company. After Soulja Boy’s music sales
slowed, he began charging local rappers to pull elaborate stunts. Noting the adage about imitation and flattery, he begin charging artists like Lil B, Famous Dex, and Chief Keef to make songs blatantly sounding like them so they could get name recognition.

Soon, he realized that fans and media were more receptive to his threats of violence against the artists than if he simply copied or retweeted their music. Since then,
he’s reportedly earned nearly half a million dollars through
controversial incidents. There was the Yachty controversy (who
sources say engaged in the beef as a “favor get in India Westbrooks’

He was recently paid $150,000 by a casino company to say
he signed a $400 million dollar deal with them. In an ironic twist, he
was even paid $50,000 by a printing company who wanted him to promote
their fake money stacks. “Niggas never knew that was a thing before
Soulja. He changed the IG flex game,” the source says.

On social media Soulja Boy has the image of an irresponsible, reckless youth, but his
operation is “legit,” as Bow Wow’s former manager admits.

“When we paid for Bow to beef with Soulja, we had to sign a nondisclosure, and he has a
staff of white boys who write up all the ways our beef could go. We
get to choose exactly how it plays out. He lets us know when he’s
about to tweet about us and everything. He even has a $500,000
package where he’s willing to get ‘Worldstarred.’ We thought Bow
needed that one bad, but he was too scared Soulja Boy would get mad
during the fake fight and whoop his ass. ”

Soulja Boy apparently has an arsenal of fake guns to show off, which both the local police
departments in Los Angeles and his native Atlanta—where he has
homes–were made aware of. And despite the frequent embarrassment the
artist has caused himself, there are lines even he won’t cross.

“A local white supremacist group tried to pay him to say All Lives Matter, but he
didn’t bite. He’s got integrity behind his lies,” a source says.