Sources report that the Raptors are “unsure” about their chances to keep All-Star Foward Kawhi Leonard after he didn’t seem receptive to their ace-in-the-hole: music superstar Drake.

Drake reportedly told Raptors brass that re-signing Kawhi – a huge caveat to trading for him – wouldn’t be an issue as he would make Kawhi his friend “by any personality necessary.” While the Raptors advanced in trade discussions with the San Antonio Spurs yesterday, the so-called “6 God” flew to Kawhi’s native San Diego, California and tried to ingratiate himself.

He first walked up to Kawhi, practicing at his alma mater’s gym, with a huge smile and attempted to hug him – but Kawhi used his massive wingspan to keep Drake at a considerable arm’s length. Drake reportedly felt like his first impression should be friendly because he saw Kawhi as “an inner dweeb like him,” the source says. Drake allegedly offered to get Kawhi a condo in his building and reference him in songs if he re-signed in Toronto, but Kawhi simply said, “no thanks.”

Drake then pulled up a stretch limo to Kawhi having lunch alone in Downtown San Diego, sat down at his table, and began speaking in a bizarrely amateur Patois about how Kawhi was “wicked wit de J” and could be an “OVO-Raptor rude boy fa years.” Kawhi chuckled at the way Drake drug the “years,” which made Drake laugh as well – until he realized Kawhi wasn’t laughing with him. He reportedly again rebuffed Drake’s overtures with a “no thanks,” and continued eating his meal.

In a last ditch attempt to get Kawhi on his side, Drake harkened to Kawhi’s stay in Texas late last night by driving a candy painted Cadillac up to Kawhi’s gym and trying to start a discussion about screw music while namedropping Houston rappers – with an exaggerated southern twang. Kawhi simply ignored him, shooting jumpers until the dejected rapper and his security left.

The source contends that early this morning, Kawhi’s Uncle Dennis – who has a Lavar Ball-like presence in Kawhi’s life – simply texted Drake, “He said no thanks. Fall back.”