Kylie Jenner won’t be taking rapper Nicki Minaj’s recent Twitter call out lying down. A source close to the Kardashians says she’s planning to release what she’s telling friends is an “epic clapdown” video in the coming days.

“Kylie knows she’s caught flack for not being Black enough, even after getting her butt done and birthing a mixed baby,” the source contends. “But she knows this is her one chance to imitate a Black woman and actually get a pass for it.”

Kylie has reportedly recorded at least 59 versions of the video. The source says “she wants to perfect” the video and recited the term “first of all b***h” for seven hours on Monday. “She’s going for the proper indignation in the ‘b***h’..she’s trying to be more Laneka Hopkins, less Katie Hopkins.”

The controversial reality star and entrepreneur has generally stayed silent in amid criticism levied against her by critics and the social mediasphere. This time however, she feels that Nicki evoking her baby Stormi’s name as an excuse for her beau Travis Scott’s Astroworld album going number one on Billboard was too far. The source says Kylie has gotten inspiration from her video from an unlikely source.

“Travis told her after Nicki’s tweets that she could be ‘this age’s Nas.’ Jay-Z thought it was safe to go at Nas until he got ‘Ethered,’ and no one has gone at Nas since. She wants that same reputation.” The source contends Travis was “high as giraffe p*ssy” when he gave Kylie that advice, but she’s taken it to heart.

Kylie has apparently gotten amped to record her video takes by listening to Nas’ “Ether,” even rapping over the “Fuck Jay-Z sample” by rapping, “Fuck Nicki.”

Time will tell if the video has close to the impact of “Ether” or Remy Ma’s 2017 “Shether” diss toward Nicki.