A 34-year-old man was given an apology by Virginia’s Pentagon City Mall yesterday after the bookbag he was carrying was suspected to be a bomb – but was merely full of spices.

Security approached the man, who’s name has been withheld, after seeing him repeatedly drop his  bookbag and walk off – only to anxiously retrieve it. When they approached the man, it was discovered that he had a variety pack of McCormick Spices in the bag.

“My family has never really seasoned our food so being around spices was new to me. I was scared that the mix of spices would combust or that I would get high or something,” the man said. ”

He says that he doesn’t believe the security team’s explanation that it was his bag that alarmed them.

“It’s harassment because I’m a white man who had a Trump t-shirt. It’s the kind of harassment I’ve come to expect in this country. Why discriminate and judge just based off how someone looks? They should have been looking at the real terrorists: extremist Muslims,” he said before going off on a vitriolic tirade about turbans and white sauce.

The mall’s Head Security Agent Lionel Adams says that amid “growing concerns of domestic terrorism,” the team has become that much more vigilant of people’s actions.

After being told of Adams’ quotes, the man noted:

“I’m a white man. What kind of terrorism has a white man ever been involved in?”