This, we decided to speak to seniors at Newbury Park High School in Newbury, California for insight on why they value their teachers. The one-hour conversation was enlightening, for many reasons

NOTE: If you see shorthand, the student spelled out the letters instead of saying the acronym.

What do you think about your teachers at Newbury?

Paul Simonson: They’re lit.

Tim Simpson: Facts.

Maggie Lionsen: Agree with them TBH.

Eleanor Rhodes: TBF I’m like, “help, IDK.” And they’re always there. So that’s cool.

Why do you think “they’re lit?”

Paul: Just are.

Eleanor Rhodes: What’s understood don’t need to be explained.

But for those that don’t understand, what would you tell them?

Eleanor: LMAO IDK. Get it together.

What’s one thing you learned from a teacher at Newbury that you’ll always remember?

Paul: Learned…how to learn.

Eleanor: She’s so woke. The stuff she says TBH.

Tim Simpson: Parabolas.

Eleanor: Same TBH.

Maggie: OMG the major thing is there’s times for periods and punctuations and like otherwise you can’t tell where one thought begins or ends like on Tumbler OMG like as I talk you probably know where to put the periods at but when I’m writing something I get stuck. And she’s there.

Eleanor: That too.

Paul: And the difference between, “no,” “no.,” and “no….”

What is the stuff your teacher says that resonates with you?

Eleanor: TBH she’s honest about bad papers. Learn a lot from the marks she puts on my essays.

Do you think teachers are underappreciated?

Maggie: OMG OMG I think so but sometimes I don’t think so It’s so complicated.

Paul: Totally.

In ways is it complicated? Do you think that reforms should be made to pay teachers more and protect them from being among the first people sacrificed when cities need to cut money?

Maggie: TBH I meant it’s complicated in ways that just make it complicated LOL I’m not into politics really.

Tim: KANYE 2020!

(Sessions derails into a conversation about Kanye West)