“I just got bailed out last week. I had to step to homie real aggressive, like ‘I never seen you around here what’s your business?’ He said he was going to see a friend but the name didn’t hold no weight so we had to move on him….everyday s**t.”

What seems like a sad anecdote of inner-city living, where intrasegregation and herd mentality turns blacks against each other, is
actually something much different.

Dontae “Tater” Briggs and his loose “crew” of ex felons have been
loitering  and–in the eyes of some citizens–terrorizing the upscale Lake
View Shopping Center for close to eight months.  

Lake View was built over ground that once stood home to Cedarbrook
apartment complex, a notorious haven for drug dealing,
prostitution and gun violence in the cities’ turbulent 1990s.

The area that was once Briggs’ home is now experiencing the affects
of gentrification, the controversial reality of driving out low income
residents for posh high rises and big time chain stores. Crackhouses
have been replaced by Cracker Barrels. The former last bastion for affordable housing in the city is now the domain of 8 dollar espressos.

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