“I think older people should just relax and stop judging what we want to do,” Alex Henderson says. “Times change, trends change, the youth just want to do other
things. We’re on our own stuff, ya’ smell me?” One can certainly smell his meal.

Henderson is one of many youth in Evanston, Illinois that’s taken to eating their own feces.

The sickening trend started when a popular teenager at a local high school posted a Vine of him eating a large brown mass, saying, “F eating the booty like groceries, the
booty makes my groceries.”

After the Vine got millions of views, other students kids in the area began posting pictures of them chewing, licking, and even swallowing their own feces. The first
teenager has since said that the mass was a glob of tootsie rolls, but that hasn’t stopped the trend.

People have been getting sick. Three
Evanston citizens have died from ingesting their own defecation,
including a 34-year-old father of three trying to impress his young
nephews. Despite the losses, Henderson says older people should “stop

“Old ass people alwas trying to
judge. Everybody has a vice. Some people do coke, some people do
lean, we do what we want. Our tastes have evolved.”

Sal Ayatila, Owner of Sal’s Pizza has
said his sales have plummeted. His pizzeria has long been a social
spot for teenagers, but after kicking youth out for trying to eat
their feces, he’s been deemed an “old hater.”

“It’s taking money out of my pocket
that people are eating their own s**t. After you ingest your own
waste, you’re not going to want to eat. Why can’t I lament that
without it being about me being old?”

Henderson isn’t willing to see
Ayatila’s perspective. “We gonna keep eating s**t. Shit is lit,
literally. Besides, it’s problematic to denigrate human waste as
inedible just because other people have in the past.”

One group of middle-aged people benefiting are pharmacy owners such as Harvey Leahl. He says that he’s “never sold this much toothpaste in a four month span.”