Reality TV producer Mona Scott is cashing in again. Scott has partnered with Twitter for “#DefendThis,” a webshow that follows entertainers as they do seemingly indefensible things – then read back the Tweets defending them.

“I realized while watching the Cosby case that even after he’s admitted guilt, people still fight for his innnocence. I’m not sure how much it has to do with him at this point,” Scott says. “I find the identity delusion so profound.”

On the premiere of the show, Electrohop rapper Azealia Banks sat on a park bench in New York’s Washington Square park hurling dog feces at people while wearing a “willie lynch noose” and screaming facts about the 1972 Burundi genocide.

Of her actions, Twitter user AnnaSindrick posted, “I mean she shouldn’t be throwing s**t at people but SHE’S SO WOKE. BAE. ✊ 😍 ”


User RustyPussy posted a lengthy tweet thread surmising that “Banks’ heroic performance art is a figurative corrolary of women fighting back. Against wasteful patriarchal abuse we’re forced to digest and assimilate into our system everyday. She tossed those ideals back at society with a liberating recklessness, as if to say ‘no more.’ I feel all-powerful. Me and my Yorkie ate laxatives today. Look out Williamsburg.”

Another user replied to her tweets with a blunt, “those weren’t ideals they were turds fam.”

Another sample from the show: singer Chris Brown filmed himself snorting coke and kicking his dog Birdie (which has turned out to be a doll), but his Twitter supporters defended him. Many of them complained that the drugs were probably “planted” – even though that possibility has no bearing on his actions. Over 10,000 users retweeted Tariq Nasheed’s assertion that “this is a part of the dominant societies’ agenda to privilege dogs over Black men in the caste system.”

One Twitter user’s joking assertion that “that b***h prolly talked back 😂 😂 ” turned into a telephone gamesque misconstruance and debate about domestic violence.

Future segments of the show include method actor Jared Leto putting his penis on traingoers in New York, actress Michelle Rodriguez shaving her armpits at a 5-star restaurant, and Paula Deen rapping the lyrics to Tee Grizzley’s “First Day Out” at an elementary school talent show.

Of the reaction to the show, Scott says,“it feels like people will work as hard as possible to absolve someone they like of accountability. And get retweets for it.”