“We don’t see color,” 54-year-old Lloyd McKinley states. “Except luscious red barbecue sauce,” gloats 52-year-old Theo Manfraw. The two Fairhope, Alabama men have become national celebrities after forging an unlikely friendship during a parking dispute. In the midst of an intense argument in the parking lot of a Home Depot, the men realized they had a shared passion: pork neck.

Manfraw called McKinley a “Black pork breath s**thead,” and the men laughingly recall McKinley replying, “and? I’m having pork neck tonight right off the grill!” Manfraw’s wife told Good Morning America that she called the police thinking that the men would fight, but they were happily exchanging marinade tips by the time the cops came.

“When I met Lloyd, I just saw an uppity fool who didn’t deserve rights, much less a car,” Manfraw says. “But now I see a fellow pork neck connoisseur. It shows that black, white, green or savory red, we can all come together through good food.” Universal studios heard their story and greenlit a biopic slated for late 2021.