A Raptors fan vows to sit in his seat until “Game 8“

After the Toronto Raptors were
eliminated from the NBA playoffs by the Cleveland Cavaliers, they
screamed “Go Raptors Go!” long after the game was over. A throng
of Raptors supporters stayed in front of Toronto’s Air Canada Centre,
holding a “victory rally” for the basketball team. The Raptors
won’t be playing their next game until next NBA season, but some of
the team’s fans, seemingly unaware of NBA rules, don’t realize that.

“We’re ready to tie this series up at 4-4! Toronto strong,” the group cheered deep into the night, even
interacting with players from both teams.

“The way the Cavaliers celebrated last night was bush league,“ Raptors fan Betty Lane claimed, seemingly unaware the Cavaliers were finals-bound. “It was one game! We wouldn’t celebrate on their court like that.“

As the Cavaliers bus left the arena for
the last time, the fans stood on the side of it at a red light,
finger-wagging (an act they believe Biyombo originated) and screaming
incorrect rhetoric, including “you won’t be able to handle the
Lowry power play next game!”

As the Raptors players left the arena,
they took pictures and shook hands with the supporters. Many players
left the scene incredulous and laughing at the fans’ lack of
knowledge, but were told by the Raptors’ organization not to correct

“They’re a group of new fans who’ve
never watched basketball,” says an anonymous Raptors executive.’

“The Raptors and Drake have been in
the headlines so they’ve started coming to games, acting like they’re
lifelong fans. We just didn’t want them to riot when they learned the
series was over.”

“Canadian basketball is superior,”
Lars Mcphee told us in an interview, seemingly unaware that the
Raptors are full of American basketball players. The fans have applied various hockey rules to the NBA, including a belief that
Dahntay Jones and Biyombo had to fight each other oncourt after Jones
hit the center with a low-blow.

“I just hope Game 7 goes into
overtime so we get a shootout between LeBron and Biyombo,” McPhee
says. “How will LeBron stack up to the best player Africa’s ever
produced?”  McPhee believes that in basketball overtime,
the teams engage in a fullcourt one-on-one game, in which one team
tries to dunk on the opposing center.

After being asked what happens if the
Raptors lose to the Cavaliers again, going down “5-2” in the
“series,” McPhee said, “then we take it to Game 8, Game 9, Game
10! As many as it takes until we get to hold the NBA cup!”