Following the uncharted success of Pokemon Go, a phone app that turns earth
into the Pokemon universe, an alleged “lighter version” of the
App popped up on the Google Play Store this week.

Though the game description claims that PokeGo Lite is a less resource
intensive replication of the original Pokemon Go app, there were
several differences that have resulted in tumultuous situations.

Pokemon Go is free, but the PokeGo game costs $1.99 (with a recurring $ 0.99
fee). Additionally, the pokemon pets seem to spawn exclusively in
strange areas, such as in the middle of freeways, near low income
housing, and even in bathroom stalls.

One user seeking to capture a Mewtwo in the middle of a dice game near
Brooklyn’s Marcy Projects was robbed and stripped of his clothing.
Additionally, one robber used the victim’s phone to trade the
captured Mewtwo to his own phone for a Diglet. Apparently, the fake
App told the user to scream “give it up!” to Mewtwo. Area
residents have since instituted a “PokeTax.”

The Pokego App caused a bank robbery investigation in Ohio, as the App
deemed a Cleveland credit union as a Pokemon Gym location. Jalen
Surtain alleges that a message appeared on the App telling him to
give the phone to a teller, who would direct him to the Gym room. The
teller alleges that the phone’s message read “PokeGo, give it up
slow” when she read it.

After re-tracing his steps in front of police, Surtain was cleared of

NYPD Claims Marcy Projects residents have instituted a “PokeTax”

application also led to a dispute in a Japanese realty firm after a
gamer was waiting outside of an occupied stall to capture a
Hitmonchan. The co-worker who was using the stall implored the gamer
to use one of the other empty stalls, but the gamer continued to
knock and implore him to leave the stall. The gamer then climbed over
the top of the stall and began to simulate throwing his pokeball.

workers got into a physical confrontation, and both were fired on the

anonymous member of the website recently claimed that he’s
the “Nissou Studios” developer behind the PokeGo App. In an
anonymous post, he noted, “I made the fake App because I’m sick of
everyone.” He also claims to be using the financial information of
customers to “fund his life.”

FBI has said they’re “investigating” the post. Google took the
App off of the play store until the investigation is complete.