Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump shocked many this morning by denying that the previous debates he’s had with Hillary Clinton occurred.

Speaking to the media at a St. Louis hotel, where he said he’s “considering investing in Ferguson so I can have shared interest in the African Americans,” Trump bizarrely
sidestepped any reporter’s question that pertained to his Town Hall
debate with Clinton.

“No. Absolutely not true,” Trump told the reporters. “We haven’t had a debate yet. Hillary may
smooth you over with her lies and pant suits, but whatever she’s
saying about a debate isn’t true. Ridiculous. Preposterous. False.
Onerous. Libelous. Crummy.”

Trump said he was in Dubai planning to “invest” last night, and diverted his answer to “bombing ISIS with submarines” when reporters asked how he got to St. Louis in less than 18 hours.

After being shown a clip of him classifying his sexually violent remarks about Nancy O’Dell as
“just words” at last night’s debate, Trump said the video was
“doctored” and he’d have his “good friend” Vladimir Putin find the
source of the manipulation.

A CBS reporter reminded Trump that he said he
didn’t know Putin at last night’s debate, and Trump started to talk
over the woman, speaking on how “98% of the Blacks” are below the
poverty line in America and how he will give “them all” $100,000
checks when he becomes elected.

A CNN reporter asked Trump how he would
be able to procure 4+ trillion dollars to pay the –at last report– 42 million
non-hispanic Black people in America, and Trump said he would unveil
his plans at the “first debate” at UNLV.

“Hillary will be obliterated by my
facts. And it will be ugly. Ghastly. Unfair,” Trump promised. He then repeated adjectives until
reporters left the area.