After a recent 45-minute rant, Umar
Johnson lost the trust of many in the Black community. Requests for refunds of donations to
his as-of-yet-to-be-developed all boys school have reportedly come pouring in, but
luckily for him, he may have gained a new occupation: sources say
Johnson is close to accepting an offer from World Wrestling

“Dad (Vince McMahon) knows fewer
people are tuning in, so he’s trying to capitalize off of celebrity
to sell tickets,” says Shane McMahon, son of WWE CEO Vince.

According to Shane, Umar would be
brought in to play the Rock’s “woke cousin” and be the mouthpiece and “star” of a reboot of the
brand’s Nation of Domination stable, a parody of Black nationalism.
It may be far-fetched for some to see the self-proclaimed “Prince
of Pan-Africanism ” turn to wrestling, but the younger McMahon thinks it
makes perfect sense:

“I mean, he kind of already is
a wrestling storyline,” Shane surmises. “He falsely calls himself
a descendant of Frederick Douglas, claims to be celibate and
downtalks strippers but has affairs with them—Vince Russo wishes
he was witty enough to have written this. Could you imagine The Rock exposing him with the ‘conscious stripper’ during a promo?”

Johnson ponders how to slip in a midrant request for Jeana Sullivan’s Instagram into his criticism of Obama

Johnson, who is collecting funding for
an all-boys school somewhere in America that has minimal information
about it besides being an all-boys school, is said to be
“considering” the offer as a chance to be “robin hood.”

“Scholar“ Amir-Sphere Kemet-Tahuti, who’s
familiar with Johnson, says, “the brother knows he may not get any
more donations from our community, but like he told me: ‘even if the
school closes after a week, he can say I opened a school for Black
kids. That’s like free ass (Editors Note: Umar denies saying
this; calls Tahuti an ‘agent’

Umar wouldn’t be active
besides occasional performing a signature “Big Poppa” move, where he takes out The Autobiography of Malcolm X and hits a wrestler with it. McMahon says Umar will use the book in the same manner in which Paul Bearer used his Urn as a source of power to the Undertaker and Kane, reading it’s pages to “awaken” his NOD cohorts.

The new Nation stable will
include NOD original Mark Henry, Titus O’Neil, and–inexplicably–wrestling veteran Road Dogg. The brand was apparently “blown away” by
Umar’s video, in which he accosted fellow “scholar” Sara
Suten-Seti, deeming himself “King Kong Conscious.”
They’re excited to see the chemistry he could build with DX member
Road Dogg.

“I don’t give a f**k about Black
people but I want to go to Detroit Friday and see what happens,” a
WWE source says. “He’s a master seller. I mean how else is he
looked at as a leader of the Black community when he hasn’t done

Shane says if the Nation of Domination
gimmick doesn’t work, Umar’s “streetwise” rant could lead him to
make a “face turn” and become a member of a Harlem Heat reboot
with Booker T.