J. Dot brings his unique blend of “Morals“ and “Principles“ to Hip-Hop

“I’m real Hip-Hop,” proclaims J.
Dot, an up and coming Brooklyn MC. “I should go plat off that
alone,” he surmises.

The 34-year-old rapper has made a name
for himself over the past 22 years in the Brooklyn open mic/talent
show circuit. He’s performed hundreds of freestyles over classic
records, from “Protect Ya Neck” all the way up to “Hot Nigga.”
During his time as an MC, J. Dot hasn’t achieved commercial
success, but wears that as a badge of honor.

“I haven’t made a dollar off rap. I’m
not a culture vulture,” J. Dot says.

J. Dot has decided to create his first
project, I’m Real. He says the mixtape will be “mostly
freestyles” and original songs crafted by his “production team”
of Soundclick.com rappers.

J. Dot displays clever punchlines about
how real he is and the size of his gun on the “Real Big Gun”
track. “I’m Real Hip-Hop,” “F– Fake Hip-Hop,” and “Gotta
Make It” are some of the standout tracks.

“Gotta Make It” is a freestyle over
Nas’ “Memory Lane,” in which J.Dot’s sister sings an admirable “I
gotta make it” hook.

J. Dot is pretty vague about what his
ideal reality looks like on the track, relying on typical platitudes.
When asked what “making it” meant to him, he said achieving his
dreams. When asked what his dreams were, he told me he “dreams to
make it.”

J. Dot riffs on a bevy of topics during
our conversation, concluding each tangent by harping on his “morals” and “principles.” He repeatedly
spoke of being Pro-Black, noting that he only patronizes Black-owned
strip clubs to “keep the money in the community.”

He believes his “conscious mindstate” should ingratiate him to future buyers, who are looking for “morals“ and “principles“ in their music.

I’m Real should be available as
soon as J. Dot “gets [his] money right.”